The Courage of Being Incorrect

One fact that is often overlooked is just how much strength it actually takes to admit that we are wrong. That we’ve made a mistake. That we’ve fucked up. That we are flawed. That we are imperfect beings. That we have weaknesses. That we have bad habits.

To be vulnerable enough to acknowledge all of this to ourselves and especially to others takes an amount of bravery that many do not possess. It honestly isn’t easy for any of us because the ego always tends to get in the way, but it is extra difficult when we are aware that by doing so, we are going to hurt someone in the process.

Many people practice avoidance, what is now commonly referred to as “Ghosting”, as a way to protect their own egos and to prevent any difficult feelings they would have towards themselves for hurting someone else. Of course, for anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of such treatment, we know that the hurt is amplified by the fact that the other person couldn’t just talk to us about the situation rather than choosing to disappear completely.

However, there are others, myself included, who are ultra-aware of any short-comings and flaws that they may possess and readily admit when they have made a mistake. In my younger years, I always felt that this vulnerability was a weakness. The fact that I was plagued by insecurities and self-doubt, and that my self-esteem was sunk didn’t help matters. I saw myself as emotional, weak and often crazy.

But as I have gotten older and have worked to improve my confidence and self-esteem, I now realize that nothing could be further from the truth. I now know that for myself and anyone else who has these qualities, the ability to be this open and honest with ourselves and others just exemplifies the courage of our character. We should be proud that we have so much integrity because that is a true mark of a badass. 😊

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